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Essay on Healing.
With the aid of Scriptures show what truths concerning healing and health are contained in the Lord’s Table (communion1
The lords table is a meal introduced by our lord Jesus Christ before he was crucified according to Luke 22:13 where is clearly written Jesus instituted the lords Supper. It has a lot of package and significant in our Christian life’s today. He commanded we take it as often as we could in remembrance of him This is because there are hidden benefits attached to the lord table. Come to talk of it every table prepared by man for his visitor is prepared subs us and in abundant to wow the guest not undermining surplus nutrients embedded in those meals to take care of first hunger sickness and malnutrition. Our lords table is not void of such both spiritually and physical nutrition are packed in our lords table, so he sees it to handle healing, health and other matters.
Exodus chapter 12 is the first place God commanded the feast of Passover, and the Israelite kept the feast and Jesus in celebration of it instituted the lord’s supper. Verses 11 clearly wrote is the Lord’s Passover who is the Lord (Jesus) so despite our sight and focus was on passing over Israelites to kill the first born of Egypt is still a significant of passing over from ne dispensation of sin to dispensation of grace. To my subject of discussion, the Passover meal preserve the eaters from sudden death which is major health matters
In Exodus 34:25 Moses was commanded to take the feast of Passover after which he was taken to mountain where he was preserved for forty days and forty nights to receive then commandment. Don’t forget the Passover requires taking flesh and body of animals a significance of taking the blood of and body of Jesus. This kept Moses health even quenched hunger for forty days. I Corinthians 5: 7 Apostle wrote that Jesus Christ is our Passover He was sacrificed for us.
Hebrews 11: 28 The word of God proves that by faith Moses kept the Passover and was preserved from destruction dying with Egyptians so with this as we keep taking the lord’s supper we shall be preserved from sickness diseases that affects unbelievers.

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