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With the aid of scriptures show what truths concerning healing and health are contained in the Lord’s table(communion).

There is such healing power in the communion, but too many people have been robbed of this gift either because they do not know it or they have been taught wrongly about what the Lord meant for it to be or some see it as a kiliche just to mark themselves a partaker of the communion without mixing faith and not minding its significant to our health. The bible says in Hosea chapter 4:6 my people perish for lack of knowledge, Lack of knowledge about the Miracle in The Lord’s Table. The Lord’s Table is a simple act and not a ritual; it helps us to remember what Jesus did on the cross. The elements of the communion are not common, insignificant, and powerless but powerful to effect the healing we want to experience.

– Acts 20:7 On the first day of the week the disciple came together to share in the Lord’s supper, when we read down to verse eleven how the man that fell from the three-story building when listening to Apostle Paul preaching miraculously received his healing and the bible says in verse eleven then they all went back upstairs shared in the Lord’s supper. The bible records that they came together to break bread that means the meeting was mainly to partake in the Lord’s Table for it has been their routine every first day of the week. The Holy Communion is more powerful than any medical procedure or any medicine. It is a healing remedy to our body and soul and we cannot take an overdose of it as we partake of it as often as we can in Faith.

– Psalm 103:5 it renews our Youth like that of an eagle. Anytime we partake in the Lord’s Table, our youth is being renewed. This scripture is part of my daily confessions as I partake in The Lord’s Table daily intentionally for maintaining strong and healthy body irrespective of what I eat. Because I take the communion (the body and the blood) daily in faith together with my healing confessions, I don’t fall sick and cannot remember the year I last drank panadol. Jesus Christ bought me back with His blood and took away all my sicknesses and diseases. There is supernatural power concerning our healing in The Holy Communion and the early Church clearly understood how powerful The Holy Communion is. That’s why the Bible tells us they broke bread from house to house (Acts 2:46). It makes one feel joyful and gladden our hearts because we eat the bread and drink the Cup in remembrance of the wonderful things Jesus did for us on the Cross at Calvary and divine healing was one. Hallelujah.

-1Corinthians 11:23-26, Isaiah 53:4-5; The Lord’s Table is a confession of our faith and our loyalty to love. It is a covenant and when we eat the bread and drink the cup, we ratify this covenant. LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND HEALING works together. The Lord’s Table was a demonstration of God’s Love to us, we partake in it because our sins are forgiven and as the healed children of God, we maintain our healing as we continue walking in love and forgiveness towards one another because of What Jesus did for us. The body of Jesus Christ was broken for my healing and His blood was shed for my forgiveness so I can experience good and healthy life here on earth nothing missing nothing broken. The Lord’s Table is a complete package (Revelation 5:12) Glory to God.

In conclusion, The Lord’s Table is another powerful Healing remedy to our body but not a ritual. Your faith in the Word will do the work and you can’t take an overdose of it. Glory to God!

Reference: The Bible and E. W. Kenyon

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