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Awesome sister, let me comment on this “when we understand and partake of the Holy Communion in a posture of faith, we can experience the transformative power of Christ’s work in our lives, both spiritually and physically. Psalms 107:20, His word healed and delivered us from all sickness and disease.”

It is paramount to have a better understanding about the communion, but thank God for God’s sovereign love towards His children especially the baby Christians that just partake in it and experience instant miracle for I am a witness of one. It is of our advantage to have a better understanding to maintain our healing.

We must believe the word spoken, obey, act as instructed (1Corinthian 11:23-26) it is an instruction given to us to do this in remembrance of Him, what a sacrifice of Love. His body was broken so that our body will not be broken. Your personal revelation will determine the outcome (what you believe and meditate upon is what you will experience as you partake in the Holy Communion)

‭Proverbs 4:20-22 NET‬

[20] My child, pay attention to my words; listen attentively to my sayings. [21] Do not let them depart from your sight, guard them within your heart;
[22] for they are life to those who find them and healing to one’s entire body.

We must pay attention to every detail that pertain the Lord’s Table concerning our healing. Continual intake of the communion strengthens our relationship with our father God, it energises our spirit man and keeps us in constant remembrance of what Jesus did for us at the cross as a result We will be more aware of our healing and to constantly maintain good health experientially here on earth is Christ Jesus.

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