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Great job you have done to “blind loyalty” and the Law of Buy-In. I have discrepancies with some of the statements or points.
Firstly, you said, “Even if people don’t fully align with a vision if they have already bought into the leader, they will in most cases still follow the leader.” Followers who buy-In already know what they want in a leader. Buy-in is not an emotional business. I understand “emotional,” as not letting someone be upset if don’t agree with the person’s view.
Buy-in means total agreement and active support from the followers. It’s more about agreeing to a plan (the person and the vision). The law of Buy-In is not an either here or there. You cannot separate the leader from the cause he promotes, according to John Maxwell. He said LEADER + VISION = RESULT. Where this does not apply, the followers react one way or the other and not emotionally dance around it or with it. You cannot separate stew from rice if must eat rice with stew. We are talking about a better leader and not a turncoat leader.
Secondly, you pointed out that, “The Lord Jesus is the only person who is worth following blindly because He is infallible.” I want to ask, are Christians following blindly? I know Christians are believers, they are not meant to be ignorant. For me, following blindly means that there are hidden agendas, enlightened or not knowing something. Jesus is infallible, I agree but does not want people to be blind or ignorant. Romans 1:13; 11:25, 1 Corinthians 10 :1, 2 Corinthians 1:8, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13. These scriptures explains it all. The Lord encourages us to search the Bible to know Him and not follow Him because He is infallible.
The blind leader leaves their followers in the dark. I am not saying that leaders cannot make mistakes but if it’s repeated mistakes, then there is a problem with the leader and that does not tally with the Law of buy-in.

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