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There are several definitions for the term ‘ Grace ‘ but for the purpose of this first instance in my life , I will be going with the definition that states that: Grace is God’s willingness to use His power on my behalf even though I don’t deserve it.
I personalized and chose this definition of Grace because it is actually what played out in my life.
The year 2011 to the early months in 2017, I was in the bondage of smoking and drug addiction. This bondage is one I willingly stepped into, it is safe to say that I deserved to be in that bondage. This lifestyle was one I thought I enjoyed, it was one I thought made me relevant and look cool amongst my peers but little did I know that I was not only living an ignorant life because I was also an unbeliever but I was also negatively affecting my loved ones. It affected my marriage, my relationship with my family, my ability to function properly in school because I was always intoxicated and this is to say the least.
On the faithful day of July 5th 2017 , I experienced the power of God that came like a hand and emptied me of all the trash in me. This happened during a midweek service in my local assembly . It was shortly after the sermon I had this experience and it is one I can never forget because it was unexpected and I was undeserving of it.
The Word of God hit me so powerfully that I accepted Christ there and then. Something mind-blowing happened after that experience, I discovered I no longer had the urge to smoke or take those intoxicating drugs anymore, That marked the beginning of my freedom. God willingly used His mighty power on my behalf.
After that experience, I felt so empty and it bothered me so much that I had to reach out to the pastor of my local assembly , he then told me that I experienced the Grace of God and that I had to start filling myself up with the things of God. I ran with that advise and it is safe to say that i am a better version of myself now and currently walking in God’s purpose for my life. The book of 1 Corinthians 15:10 ( But by the grace of God , I am what I am and His grace toward me was not in vain : but I labored more abundantly than they all , yet not I , but the grace of God which was with me ) NKJV sums up my current state.
The second instance in my life where the grace of God manifested was when I had anger issues as a weakness. The definition of Grace as God abounding or to super abound in quality and quantity best describes this instance.
After receiving salvation, I still battled with anger , I mean anger that sometimes leads to a physical altercation or the use of really harsh words. It was a weakness I battled with for an unspecified period of time, It went on until I came across 2 Corinthians 12:9 ( And He said to me , my grace is sufficient for you , for my strength is made perfect in weakness ) NKJV
I started confessing this word of God over my life until it became evident in my life that the grace of God abounds towards me.
I can now say for sure that anger is no longer a weakness in my life. My reaction to certain things that would previously trigger an unpleasantly severe reaction from me is no longer the case .
By the Grace of God active in my life , I now approach things in a more subtle manner.
Everytime I remember the Grace of God in my life, it causes me to praise and worship Him.

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