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Firstly, the church is generally believed to have began on the day of Pentecost in the upper room, where the disciples of Jesus received the promise of the Spirit after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If this is true, can this angelic ministry of encouragement in Acts 1 can be classified as being to the early church?
Secondly, I believe that it is a great blessing to know as you have pointed out, that, no matter the danger we may face in our pursuit of God, He will always provide us with deliverance. It is a blessing indeed that we have angels as ministering spirits for us who are heirs of salvation.
Furthermore, it is another blessing indeed to know, that God answers us as a local Church when we pray together. Some of the response to Peter upon seeing him out prison suggests, that there were some who may have doubted. However, in spite of this, God answers their prayer and delivers Peter.
Finally, the Lord is our Shepherd indeed, and He knows how to communicate with us His children. He knows exactly how to reach us, guide us and instruct us. In the stories you reference, God uses angels to provide guidance and instructions to His people. He thought it to be the best way to reach these people in that particular time and He did so. God’s course of action are always the best possible.

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