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The role or ministry of angels in the early church can be seen as recorded in the books on a number of occasions. These works of angels can be said to have been very vital to the establishment and advancement of the early Church.
The following are instances of the roles of angels in the early as recorded in the book of Acts.
1. Deliverance from prison. Acts 5:16-19. The Apostles here had been thrown in prison for preaching and healing in the name of Jesus, defying an earlier instruction from the high priest and his cohort, not to preach the Gospel in the name of Jesus Christ. These men had been imprisoned for choosing to follow Christ’s command rather than men’s and at whatever cost. The cost on this occasion was imprisonment. But while they were there, an angel of the Lord, came by night, and opened their prison door, just like the angel, rolling away the stone at the tomb of Jesus. The Apostles were once more free.
Another angelic ministry of deliverance from prison is recorded in Acts 12. The story involved the arrest of the Apostle Peter after the arrest and murder of James the brother of John. It would seem, that Herod’s intention was to kill Peter. We are told in verse 5 of the prayer of the church for Peter. God answered the prayer of the church on behalf of Peter by sending an angel to execute his deliverance. Acts 12:7-11.
2. Divine guidance. In the same story of Acts 5, not only did the angel free the Apostles from prison, they also received divine guidance and instruction from God through the angel. Acts 5:19-21.
Another instance of divine guidance through angels is recorded in Acts 8:26-38. On this occasion, it was deacon Phillip, who had received this guidance from the angel of the Lord, and his obedience to this leading, led to the salvation of an Ethiopian eunuch, which most likely led to spread of the Gospel to Ethiopia.
Also, another interesting even is found in Acts 10. In this story, an angel appears and gives instruction to Cornelius, a Roman centurion, which ultimately led to the visit of the Apostle Peter, who had seen a vision and had been instructed by the HolySpirit. The Gospel was preached to Cornelius and his household and they were baptised in the HolySpirit. The appearance of the angel to Cornelius, and the subsequent obedience that followed would lead to the confirmation of the vision that Peter had seen. Acts 10:1-22.
In summary, angels were used by God in the early church to minister both deliverance and guidance to His people, for the purpose of the advancement of the Church and His honour and glory.
The same is very much possible with us today. It is our heritage as heirs of salvation and joint-heirs with Christ. Hallelujah!!!

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