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Soton Iselobhor

Replying to Paulpraze.

It is quite interesting that you have chosen to take a stand with the theory of Traducianism.

The traducianist view on the creation of the human soul suggests that the soul is generated or derived from the parents, along with the physical body, at the moment of conception.

This raises theological questions and challenges related to the nature of the soul and its relationship to God. If the soul is generated by the parents, it raises questions about the origin and ultimate source of the soul. The major question I would like to ask the proponents of traducianism is; If the soul is generated from parents, is God not directly involved in the creation of each individual soul, or was He merely involved in the creation of the first human souls?

Additionally, Traducianism assumes a particular metaphysical framework in which the soul is treated as a material or quasi-material substance that can be generated or transmitted through physical processes. This conflicts with other philosophical and theological frameworks that posit the soul as an immaterial and indivisible entity.

I strongly disagree with this stance as an immaterial part of man cannot be created by physical processes of procreation.

Consider God’s words in Jeremiah 1:5
Stating how He knew Jeremiah BEFORE he entered into his mother’s womb. While parents necessarily play a part in setting the birth a person in motion, the immaterial part of the person in my opinion comes from God.

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