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After I received Christ, I committed myself to Loving and serving God. I embraced every opportunity to serve,’’ No’’ was a word far from my mouth whenever kingdom business was concerned. However, at some point I realized I was prioritizing my work for God over my walk with God, even after realizing that, for some reason I remained adamant and continued with the flow.
At this time, I was studying Pharmacy; anyone who has passed through the faculty of health sciences in Uniport would understand how tasking it was to successfully graduate. I juggled this with numerous commitments in my fellowship and because of my lack of wisdom and adamant attitude I ended up repeating a class twice.
Anyone can easily forgive a first failure but not the second, obviously my family didn’t take it lightly.
My dad knowing my history of academic excellence was confused and blamed my church for my failures. In His words I had been brainwashed. He took a decision to take his hands off my education as there was no point wasting any more money.
Amidst all of these I prayed to God, I asked him for another chance, I knew I didn’t deserve it but still I asked for another opportunity where my academic pursuit was concerned, not only did I ask for another opportunity, I asked that this time I wanted to go abroad to study my dream course; Medicine.
Once again, the grace of God spoke on my behalf; My Dad months later agreed to sponsor my studies abroad. It didn’t make any sense to my Siblings that my dad would take such a risk but I knew it was God’s Grace at work.
I later travelled abroad to study Medicine; excelled in my academics, became one of the pioneers of the European Medical Association in my school, served Jesus wholeheartedly and pioneered a ministry that Impacted many lives for Christ.
Today by God’s grace, I am a fully Registered Medical Doctor in Nigeria and I am still pursuing purpose in Christ.
I am a product of God’s Grace
Exodus 34:6, 1 Corinthians 15:10, Hebrews 4:15-16.

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