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Soton Iselobhor

Interesting thoughts on physical death being a resultant factor of the fall of man.
In my opinion, this presupposes two things worthy of further consideration. The first is that man was originally created to live forever physically while the second is that man was a spiritual being having a glorified human body that is incapable of physical death as we know it.
Both thoughts beg the following questions:
1. Did Adam and Eve have physical bodies with flesh and blood or did the fall cause a conversion that brought them to a physical state?
2. If the answer to 1 above is yes, then how come as new creations, we are not capable of living forever physically?
3. In what state will our bodies be at the resurrection?
4. Was the Garden of Eden a physical earthly location or a spiritual one?
While I would appreciate some insight from our lecturer if possible, on questions 3 and 4, I am minded to respond to questions 1 and 2 as follows:
Everything that the first Adam brought upon humanity was corrected and overturned by the last Adam -Romans 5:12-19. In other words, Jesus Christ COMPLETELY purged us of sin and its consequences which includes “death”- Ezekiel 18:20. S
So if physical death was a result of the fall, then as a result of resurrection life, a believer should not be expected to die physically. It is against this background that I may have to disagree with the point that physical death was a resultant effect of the fall.
Having said all that, I am still minded to accommodate the thought that the hope of resurrection for a believer is part of the benefits of being a new creation (even though the sinners also have to be resurrected for them to be judged and condemned) in other words, some parts of the victories accomplished on the cross are yet to be manifested?
Just thinking aloud in reaction to your post.

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