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Nelson Kenn

@ Ezeonugo, you nailed it.
I keep on telling people that Christianity is a standard way of life which Christ displayed to us from His birth to resurrection. Jesus’s way of life being our perfect example of true evangelism, just as you listed, He was passionate, he cared for the lost, He crossed boundaries of false religion restriction, He healed the sick, yolks were broken, burden lifted and many who believed were set free, He connected with people on personal level. Etc
He kept on doing good which is the good news no condemnation attached, like how Jesus saved the woman caught in adultery (John 8:11) which is true evangelism.
False and church doctrine will never set anyone free that is why is never part of His ways of life.
The life Jesus lived is our culture so that when we put them into practice it brings souls to Christ, heal the sick and set the captives free. It is a magnetic force when put to action through evangelism a lot of good things happen to people.
Spiritual sensitivity; not letting the Holy Spirit lead, relying on one’s capabilities is not good in evangelism because it hinders the flow of the Holy spirit through one.

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