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Nelson Kenn


1. Criticism: Some churches or leaders of churches spend time criticizing other churches during evangelism by sharing what they are not, what they can do instead of spending time sharing who Jesus is and what He has done for each of us.

2. Marketing of churches: People spend so much time these days marketing their churches or their leaders instead of preaching the gospel of Christ. The glorify what their man of God has done and can do instead of what Christ has done and can do for us. Projecting their churches leaders instead of Jesus Christ who the head of the churches. Inviting people to church is not wrong but it is not evangelism cos evangelism is all about sharing good news of what God has through Jesus.

3. Technique: Most churches use different techniques which are not supported by the scripture as a means of evangelism. Every church and organisation will have their own technique, and although I strongly recommend that you should support and get involved in the technique of your local church (if it is sound and biblical), remember that this is only one way in which to communicate the precious, unchangeable, good news of Christ.

4. Forcing/bullying or coercing people: Evangelism is not by forcing or bullying people into accepting the gospel or by trying to coerce anyone into becoming a Christian. “Do you know that if you die today you will go to hell and burn forever?” It is not your role to convince people; that role belongs to the Holy Spirit. Although we need to be ready to give the reason for our faith, the Holy Spirit is the one who convinces, and He is very good at doing that! Our role is to present and proclaim Christ to the world, everything else is the work of the Holy Spirit.

5. Complication: A lot of people/ churches has done a lot of things manipulations in the name of evangelism making it look complicated “there somebody trying to kill you or blocking your future unless you do so and so you will not be saved from them” Evangelism is not complicated, it is simply to share with the world the life that you have found in Jesus.
The blind man, the demon-possessed man of Gadarene, and the Samaritan women carried out evangelism in the New Testament by sharing their experience with Jesus of the little the know about him.

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