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Soton Iselobhor

The Fall of man, on account of Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden, brought about several significant effects on the world and humanity. These effects have profoundly impacted humanity’s relationship with God, with the natural world, and within themselves. This discussion explores three major effects of the Fall of man namely: Separation from God, Decline in man’s relationship with nature, and the Introduction of sin and its consequences.

1. The Fall of man resulted in a separation from God. Before their disobedience, Adam and Eve enjoyed a close and intimate relationship with their Creator. They walked and talked with God in the Garden, experiencing His presence and enjoying a harmonious fellowship. However, their act of disobedience severed this relationship- Gen 3:8 and introduced a barrier between humanity and God- Gen 3: 22- 24. The consequence of sin, which entered the world through their disobedience, created a separation that would persist throughout human history. This separation from God engendered a sense of spiritual void and longing within humanity, leading to various religious and philosophical pursuits in an attempt to bridge this gap and restore communion with God. Today, even though God has made a way by sending us His Son who provided an opportunity to reconcile man back to God, many people are still stuck in religions that inhibit their relationship with God.

2. Secondly, the Fall of man resulted in a decline in man’s relationship with nature. Before the Fall, Adam and Eve who represented the entire human race, lived in perfect harmony with the environment.- Gen 2 18-20. There was no disease, no toiling and no death. However, as a consequence of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, the natural world became subject to corruption. The harmony that once existed was disrupted, and the world became characterized by pain, disease, and the struggle for survival. The once-perfect relationship between humanity and nature became strained, and humans were subjected to the toil and hardships of labour to sustain themselves. This disharmony with nature has manifested in various ways throughout history, including the impossibility of a relationship between man and certain animals, especially snakes.

3. Lastly, the Fall of man introduced sin, the sin nature and its consequences into the human experience. Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience. This introduced a moral and ethical dimension to human existence, as humanity became prone to evil thoughts and actions. Thus, we find according to scripture that all men are born with a sinful nature. Romans 3:23. The consequences or as scripture puts it, the wages of sin which is death, was also introduced to the human race. Sin consciousness, which is closely related, was also introduced to the human race. Gen 3:10. The recognition of sin and its consequences has prompted various religious and ethical systems throughout history, seeking to address and rectify these moral failings.

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