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In replying to this subject we said that the fall of man cause as a result of man’s disobedience to God’s instruction, which is God’s command that led to the effects man has been suffering from since the creation of the world up until now.

This disobedience gave rise to man being separated from God from the moment man ate the forbidden fruit their eyes were open to know that they were both naked which wasn’t in the plan of God, God had wanted a real fellowship with man so that they can be relating as father and children, Gen. 3:8. Paint a picture of God walking in the garden in the cool evening.

At a point God wanted the fellowship back because He was missing man’s relationship with him even though He caused man accordingly, out of annoyance but he indirectly instituted another provision by offering of animal blood as attornment of man’s sin, but this couldn’t restore complete fellowship with God.

Man completely died a spiritual and physical death, spiritual death is where they couldn’t fellowship with God again while the physical death is where they were evicted from the Garden of Eden so that they will not have access to the tree of life. Also their land was caused, the land God gave them to enjoy fruits of blessed land from creation.

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