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A good example of this conviction ministry of the Holy Spirit can be found in Acts 2. After the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the consequent gathering, misunderstanding (in thinking that the disciples were drunk) and amazement of the people, Peter preached to the Jews who were present and had come from all over the world to celebrate Pentecost. Peter begins his sermon by clearing their misunderstanding about the events that they were witnessing as a fulfilment of a prophecy from Joel 2, then he goes on to present Christ to them. And in Acts 2:37, we are told that they were pricked in their hearts. This pricking of the heart is the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
Firstly, Christ is faithful. Before Jesus’ ascension, He promised His followers that He would send the Holy Spirit and that He – the Holy Spirit, would convict the world of sin because of unbelief. John 16:7-11. In Acts 2, after Christ’s ascension, in the upper room, the fulfilment of this promise made by Christ was fulfilled. Not only did the Holy Spirit come, we see Him doing precisely what Christ said He would do upon His arrival. This event, among other events, show that Christ’s words are yea and Amen indeed. His words can never and will never fall to the ground. They surely will accomplish the purpose for which He sent His word.
Secondly, the effect or result of Peter’s sermon shows the manifest presence of God’s Spirit. This event proves the operation and activity of the Spirit. It proves that the Holy Spirit is alive, active and powerful. It proves that the minister of the Gospel and the believer is not alone or by themselves.
Lastly, this event proves that conviction is an exclusive work of the Spirit. It is a work, result or effect that only Holy Spirit can produce in a person’s life. Hence, the expediency of Jesus’ instruction for them to tarry for the Holy Spirit to come. He already revealed His will to them (Matthew 28:18-20, Luke 24:46-48), but they needed the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in order for them to be effective witnesses of Christ. Peter’s words alone would not have been able to produce the kind of result that we see in Acts 2. Therefore, our ministries can be fruitful because we have the Holy Spirit at work in us. Hallelujah!

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