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Yes, if I’m to suggest or make a point on my personal view, i will say the Writer or author of the Epistle of the Hebrews is Apostle Paul. Because the format and the addressing of the letter are similarly like the writings of Apostle Paul and writing to same people (the Church). Yes, when compared with the greetings from Apostle Paul’s letters to the Church from other books like the book of Romans all to Philemon, we see the introductions at the first verses of the books are same unlike that of The book of Hebrews. And that is the more reason it should be classified under the General Epistle because there is no definite fact about the Author but the writings is to the Christian Church in General and not individual just like the other books/letters which are often called The General Epistles (James, first and second Peter, first John, second John, third John, and Jude).

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