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Absolutely, as you have listed, those things happened to man and that led man into depravity. To add more to what you have said:
– The fall brought about Sin
– The fall brought about the break from fellowship between God and man.
– The fall brought about spiritual death and physical death.

1. The introduction of sin. The fall of man brought about sin which is a deviation from God. The appearance of sin, automatically meant that a different reign had been set up and that was the reign of sin and death. Man eventually lost his place with God and his place of dominion over the earth realm. The enemy gained that lost dominion over the earth through the presence of sin. That was the implication of what God told man- that in eating the forbidden fruit, he would die. As part of that death which is Spiritual death, man lost the nature of God and took on a new nature; the nature of sin. His life got corrupted and hence could do evil. Man became alive to sin and dead to God. Hence, he became a sinner.

2. Spiritual death and physical death. Still as a result of sin, man died spiritually which meant that he got disconnected from God- his source. When man was connected to God, his life was an offshoot of God’s life, filled with goodness. But upon losing that connection, he became susceptible to all that thrived in the kingdom of Satan (John 10:10…Satan who is a thief on a mission to steal, kill and destroy). Sickness, poverty, shame, fear, disease and failure could now affect man. Hence, the possibility of decay, break down of his systems and eventual death physically. As well as eternal death.

3. Man lost fellowship with God. Fellowship implies partnership, communication, communion, oneness, a sharing together and a rubbing of minds. Fellowship is possible where there’s an equal relationship. A slave can not have fellowship with his master. Neither can there be fellowship where there is inferiority or superiority complex. There must be an equal ground for fellowship to be. Man had sinned and lost connection with God and his original nature. Now he felt inferiority and unholy before God. Hence this separation and “unequal” ground prevented man from accessing God or God from accessing man.

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