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I. Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother. Judges 3:7-11. God raised him as a deliverer to the children of Israel and used him to judge Israel. He went to war against the king of Mesopotamia whom they had been previously subservient to and prevailed over him. Before this inspiration of the Holy Spirit, nothing was known about this man. Israel had been in captivity for about eight years. The only mention of him before this time was in Joshua 15:16-17, where he was said to have smitten Kirjathseper and won the hand of Caleb’s daughter for wife. This was probably the only battle experience he had before this time. However, it is important to note that they had been in captivity for eight years before this work of the Holy Spirit and by this incredible inspiration of the Holy Spirit, such a man was raised by God as a deliverer for Israel, went to war against his captor king and prevailed. Hallelujah!!! The effect of this feat gave Israel peace for forty years under his rule as judge. This is in no way a light matter in the light of the effect of slavery and captivity in a person’s life.
II. Gideon the son of Joash. Judges 6. By Gideon’s own testimony, he was the least of his father’s house, from a poor family in Manasseh. They had been in captivity to Midian for seven years at the time. God was patient and kind with Gideon in his doubt and obliged his every request in order to help him overcome them. In verse 34, we are told of the Spirit’s inspiration on Gideon and how the Israelites subsequently responded to his call. Their response to him was I believe, a result of this inspiration. Eventually he overcame whatever doubts he had left by the kind and patient workings of God. Then he went to war with three hundred men that were chosen from among about thirty two thousand men (32,000 men). And God gave them victory! Our background does not deter the inspiration of God’s Spirit in our lives. And while God may no longer work with fleece, He sure is still kind and patient with us and surely helps us overcome our doubt by the inspiration of His Spirit at work in us. Hallelujah!!!
III. Then there is Samson the strong. Judges 13:25, 14:6. These passages show us clearly, that Samson’s strength and consequent exploits were not merely natural. His strength and exploits were a result of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon him. This implies that what God can do through us is never a measure of or restricted to our physical qualities, whatever they may be or not be. In verse 14, we are told of how he rent a lion with nothing but his bare hands after the Holy Spirit moved upon him mightily.
IV. Saul the son of Kish is another who experienced this inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 1 Samuel 10:9-10. Saul was not a prophet, neither had he even prophesied before this time. This is why those who knew before this work of the Holy Spirit were surprised and rightly so. By the inspiration of God’s Spirit, he prophesied when he came into a company of prophets. The inspiration of God’s Spirit requires no status or experience.
V. Lastly, there was Bazaleel. Exodus 31:1-6. He, alongside some other men, were able to, by the Spirit’s inspiration, work with Moses in the building of the tabernacle. These men were not priests nor prophets nor Kings. They were ordinary Jews that were chosen and inspired by God to carry out all manner of workmanship that is required in the building of the tabernacle. This shows that the Holy Spirit’s inspiration is not limited to ministry within the local Church but also outside of the local Church. Inspiration can be drawn from the Spirit in whatever work we do in the name of the Lord.

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