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Under what classification does the Epistle to the Hebrews fall: Pauline Epistles or the General Epistles. This book is classified under the General epistles.

The book of Hebrews which author is unknown, but many believe it to be the work of Apostle Paul. This book was written primarily to the Jews who were renouncing their belief in Christ because of persecution. They were reverting to their former Jewish beliefs and practices.

The Epistle to the Hebrews; this book gives a wonderful revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, His priesthood and the work that He accomplished for us. Hebrews shows how our position in Christ and His sacrificial work is far superior to what was available under the old covenant. The word better is the keyword in this letter. We have a better hope, covenant, substance, country and resurrection.

The Epistle to the Hebrews is classified under The General Epistles; (James, first and second Peter, first John, second John, third John, and Jude). These seven letters are often called The General Epistles because they seem to speak to the Christian Church in General rather than individual Churches. They are also united by their interest in practical matters (share some common themes and assumptions as they address the problem of sin). They are heavy on exhortation. The authors direct their epistles to insiders – those who already belong to the community of believers in Jesus.

1- To a large extent, the exhortation of these letters focuses on the need to remain firm in one’s commitment to this belief and to the community of the faithful. One of the central characterizations of sin in this text is, therefore, turning away from Jesus and the believing community or returning to a past state and past behaviors.

2- Each of these epistles also seeks to reinforce a reorientation of disordered desires. Sin arises when one’s primary orientation or inclination is towards the present, visible world. This entails accepting the logic and values of the evil age. Humanity in general is inclined to desire the corruptible things of this world. These texts argue that a proper orientation for life looks instead towards unending life in unhindered fellowship in the future age.

3- The General Epistles were written to guide Christians experiencing tensions in the world around them. They can be helpful to workplace Christianity. Two major principles underlie the variety of items treated in these letters; ‘’the need to trust God to provide for us and we must work for the benefit of others in need’.

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