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5 people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and what He enabled them to achieve.

All the Miracles, Signs, Wonders, acts of Wisdom we read from the Old Testament were initiated or inspired through the help of the Spirit of God. Man is not of himself: God created man on earth for a purpose. So Man existence is for the purpose of God.

In the Old Testament, God in the Person of the Holy Spirit Chooses whom He will use to accomplish a specific task or purpose needed at the moment. God communicated to the people of the Old Testament through Prophets, Priest, individual selected men/women to act upon as inspired by the Holy Spirit which was needed at that moment or for a period of time.

1- Daniel; The book of Daniel in the Old Testament is a book where one will practically see the tangibility of the work of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit that brought great achievement to the Glory of God. Just to quote but few verses as I state below; Daniel 1:9,17,18,19,20, Daniel 2:24-49
– Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were determined not to eat the food provided in the Royal palace, and decided to eat just vegetables which was really awkward for the purpose of their training in the palace. I believe it was the Holy Spirit inspired idea and at the end of the training Daniel and the 3Hebrew boys were chosen by the King for he found the 10times better.
– In Daniel 2:1-49 Daniel was able to tell King Nebuchadnezzer his dream and the interpretation of it when all the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers could not. It was the Holy Spirit Inspired ideas that enabled Daniel. Then the king worshiped Daniel and made Daniel a great man.

2- Joseph In the book of Genesis chapter 41; Pharaoh had two dreams and was disturbed because he didn’t understand the dream and needed an interpreter. The magicians, the Wise men of Egypt were told about the dream by Pharaoh and they couldn’t interpret either. Joseph was remembered and was brought out of Prison to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and the Spirit of God gave Joseph the interpretation of the dream then Pharaoh had his peace and made Joseph a ruler of Egypt after him.

3- Joshua and the walls of Jericho; Joshua 6:1-27. After Joshua and the people of Israel have miraculously crossed the Jordan river. God instructed Joshua to match round the City of Jericho 7 times with the children of Israel to gain victory over the city. The city of Jericho was destroyed and the children of Israel took over the City. Joshua was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

4- 1Samuel 16 and 17; David was anointed by Samuel as instructed by God. Samuel inspired by the Holy Spirit as He was able to identify David as the chosen one amongst his brothers and when David was anointed He killed Goliath.
5. Numbers 22, 23 and 24; Balaam and His Donkey, Balaam and the people of Israel;
The Donkey was enabled to Speak to Balaam as inspired by the Holy Spirit and Balaam Blesses the Children of Israel as inspired by the Holy Spirit even when Balaam has been paid by Balak.

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