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The case and the issue of the fall of man as briefly anchored in Genesis 2: 7, happened in the beautiful Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were choicely resident by God to take charge. Adam and Eve were the first parents on the earth and were housed and cared for by God in a beautiful environment, with first class facilities and provisions but had to fall short due to disobedience of the instruction of God by eating the forbidden fruit and thereby led to their dethronement from the garden(Gen 2:16-17). Biblically as referenced in Romans 6:2; Ezekiel 18:4, any soul which sins shall die. From this incidence, sin had its way into the world, in what is said to be sin corruption of life and the introduction into the world by the Adamic nature and influence. Hence, man died spiritually, with physical death in succession and eternal death in waiting. So, the old creation was the old Adamic life in the garden. Also, this led to the lost of the benefits and blessings available in a sinless situation.
This is the genesis of the fall of man; otherwise described as the fall of man into sin, orchestrated by our Papa and Mama of old. Because every action has a consequence, this one was not an exception and God in His infinite mercy thought of a way out of the situation, to redeem us. Basically, the effects of the fall of Adam (man); from a privileged position to an unprepared one, as we can envisage is not a pleasant one. The burden of the recovery of man became an issue of concern.
There are various effects/pitfalls of the fall of man; considering the enormity of the pronouncement of the Creator. However, for this purpose three will be detailed out:
1. Dead
In Romans 6; 23;Ezekiel 18: 4; among other Biblical references, it is emphatically made clear that the soul which sins shall die and starts with spiritual death before ending with the physical dead. So, that is the state to which the life corrupted sin of Adam represent. Death which is the separation from the source of life came into being with all the associated consequences came to be, by the action of one man. This is how the fate of mankind was handed over to the devil. When, we hear that the devil is in charge of the earth, here comes the genesis.
2. Power Of Knowledge
Being dead, is dead in everything. In Genesis 2:19-20; and supported by other scriptures’, as God created every other creatures in the waters, air, and the land; man gave them names and whatever names he gave them are what there are answering and bearing till now. Imagine the number of these creatures and the capacity and ability of man to give them names. Can such be replicated now? Man lost that power of knowledge, due to disobedience and fallout with his creator. The damage is enormous.
3. Lost of Status
In Genesis 3: 24, the Bible says the Lord drove out man from the garden, originally well prepared for his comfort and from the tree of life. When the spirit which controls the physical was separated from the body by death due to sin, what should one expect? Fundamentally, every provision has been withdrawn and this was epitomized in Genesis 3:13-19, where God released what one may term as the full punishment of the disobedience to both Adam and Eve, in different proportions. Equally, note that with the dethronement from the garden of Eden, beauty, reputation, favour among other benefits/blessings were lost.

Because, God created man in His own image and likeness; He was still poised to find a way of reconciliation and re-establishing of the relationship with man. This effort led to the substitution agenda embarked upon by God with Jesus Christ’s, birth, dead and resurrection experiences (John 3:16). This is the new creation stuff bottled by grace of the new covenant. With this, full restoration of the divine plan takes effect.

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