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REPLY to Ezeonugo
These points you highlighted are key points because they are part of the many reasons why churches have not been successful when it comes to Evangelism and Follow Up. I believe that bible believing churches should teach their members what evangelism is not because ignorance may be a reason but it is not an excuse.
In your second point, you said the Christian life is not meant to bring people into a life of spiritual bondage but you are set free from bondage and you have liberty in Christ. Indeed, as believers we are broken lose from bondage. This bondage is in the spirit but not just the spirit, but also Bondage in our minds, I believe a lot of Christians and churches are still in bondage because their minds haven’t been opened yet to sincere truth of the word of God. They are supposed to be free by grace but they are bound by religion and false doctrines.
Condemnation is also a major set-back to true evangelism because it creates a Holier than thou mindset. Where the believer or church in question sees himself/herself/themselves as being too “righteous” and others as being too filthy. They forget that we are saved by grace and not by works that any man should boast. Our righteousness is not of ourselves but purely by the grace and gift of Jesus Christ. When they know this and also know that evangelism is the heartbeat of the Father God, then it becomes easier.

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