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3 Effects of the fall of Man

1. Spiritual Death Gen3:7
Spiritual death refers to alienation from God who is our source. It is man displaced from his original environment which is God’s presence. When a person or thing is displaced from its intended environment it begins to malfunction. Gen 3:10, Gen 3:7.Gen 3:23.
By the guilt and power of sin, at that instant Adam willfully disobeyed God, he became dead in trespasses and sins. Ephesians 2:1.
By the disobedience of Adam, we all became sinners as man began to begat children in man’s image and likeness. Gen 5:3. Man begat in a fallen image. Humanity was made in Adam therefore humanity was found in sin in Adam. By default, every man born into the world is born spiritually dead. The fall of man brought about a disconnect between man and his source (God). Spiritual death will bring about eternal death as it eliminates the possibility of eternity with God. Gen3:22, Rom6:23.

2. – Physical death: the death of the body which shall then begin in man by decays, infirmities etc. 1Cor 15:53-54. That is man shall become mortal. As stated in one of the new creation lessons “God is the source of life to the spirit and the spirit is the source of life to the body. So, if man is spiritually dead, physical death would occur by default.
Also Note that the body of man is not the not only thing that would experience decay and corruption but also creature. Romans 8:20-21. Adam’s sin brought the created order into death decay, corruption and futility. The fall of man brought damage to the body of man and to nature itself. See also 2cor5:1-5

3. The Punishment of Mankind Gen 3:16-23
When God placed man in the garden he gave him work to do. He was to dress the garden and keep it. Man was to eat from the garden he tended. Adam did it with ease and pleasure.
Work is part of God’s system to bless us. Gen 2:15-16.
However, the disobedience of Adam brought mankind into a life of “toil” as the earth became cursed. He is now to till the ground that has been cursed for his sake. Gen 17:23. Psalm 127:1-2
The man shall eat of the ground in sorrow. He will procure and eat bread amidst hard labor.
The woman would also now experience pain in child bearing and her desire will be for her husband, she will become subject to him. Gen 3:16.

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