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Evangelism ought have various approaches and methods, including sharing of flyers and rather should be consistently and regularly pursued and maintained. Do not forget that it is an intentional thing which requires preparations and others. There may be plans for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and possibly annual evangelical programmes. We should not forget that evangelism should be dynamic; taking into cognizance the developmental trend, the people concerned; so as to effectively appeal to the understandings, needs and circumstances of the prospects and thereby bring them onboard. For us, every tool of evangelism, no matter how archaic there seem should be put in use, based on the environment. They are prospects, you may not reach, but a flyer or tracts can reach him/her. Testimonies abound where a number of people have given their lives such means. So we suggest, we should not limit ourselves, as the Master can use any means to bring any onboard.
Bullying or forcing persons to accept Christ does not represent evangelism, in any form. This brings us to the position that the referenced social media example was just a phrank and does not hold water, especially in this case. The reason being that no desirous soul winning Christian, who has set out for the task for display such attitude.
Generally, we do appreciate your arguments as feasible.

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