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The fall of man came with several effects, Discuss in detail three effects of the fall of man by Obiamonu, the writer detailed three things as the effect of man’s fall, these are :-
1. Adam and Eve committed high treason by willfully disobeying Gods command.
2 As a result of Adams transgression, he became a sinner and because we are all in Adam, we are all born sinners, that is our default state at birth.
3. We were born, yet we were born dead for in Adam all died spiritually.
It shows that God is not a liar when he said in Genesis 2.17, “that the day you eat of the fruit you shall surely die”, and for something as important as this, he still didn’t force his opinion on us because his commandments are for our benefits and protection (1 John 5 : 2-3 ) and our obedience should be out of love and not fear, sin bring temporary pleasures but there are negative consequences to every actions we take (Romans 6 :23).
The good news is that God never left us without hope, he chose us in him (Eph 1:4). We can learn that God is a good father who never stops loving us even when we disobey him and take sin (Gen 3:20-21, Job 3.16). Just as he clothed Adam and Eve, he can cloth you with his righteousness and gave his son so that the fellowship with him would be restored (John 3:16) and we would be made alive in him (1 Corinthians 15:20-22, 45).
When we run to him, He restores what we have lost and exceed our expectation.

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