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TOPIC :The fall of man came with several effects. Discuss in detail three effects of the fall of man
The fall of man is the occasion where man did not obey the instruction of God gave to man in the Garden of Eden and the following were the effects of the fall:
A. Their Righteousness before God was lost.
B. They lost fellowship with the father.
C. They experienced spiritual and physical death.
D. The land was cursed.
E. Eve will experience Pain during child birth.
F. They were evicted from the Garden of Eden so that they will not have access to the tree of life.
G. The man ruled over the woman,

1. They experienced spiritual and physical death:
Spiritual death is the separation of man from the God while physical death of separating the soul from the body.
God told them that they shouldn’t eat of the fruit lest they shall die, after the fall their number of years on earth was reduced and death was introduced because the bible said “in toil shall you eat all the days of your life, so from the moment they eat the fruit they began to die. Spiritually, they die because there was a separating between God and Adam spirit.
So because of this death (both physically and spiritually) that came as a result of the fall, Death passed through to all men .

2. They lost fellowship with the father:
Before the fal,l the bible recorded that there was a constant communication between God and man, both parties long for this fellowship because God took time communicating his mind and the reason of creation to man.
After the fall, the bible recorded that there was a bridge in this fellowship because when God came down for their usual “gist “, man knowing what he already did was afraid and hid himself from the presence of God. Fellowship is only possible between two people with a great relationship and had nothing to hide but between God and man who is now exposed to sin, full with fear, shame and guilt, fellowship was hindered, they now feared the presence of God which they previously enjoyed and saw God as a judge to be feared not God to enjoyed.

3. Their land was cursed:
Before the fall, work was given to man, God commanded him to have dominance, be fruitful and multiply, God made it in a ‘ plug and Play’ style like a soft work of tending to the garden and eating out of it. after the fall, the bible recorded that “cursed shall be the land, in toil shall he eat all the days of his life, thorn and thistles shall produce also (before the fall, only plants and herbs gave their produce while thistles and thorns were introduced after the fall) and in sweat shall he eat his bread all the days of his life.

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