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In considering what something is not, there is a need to know what that thing is actually about. Before we say what evangelism is not, let’s have an insight or at least, what evangelism means.
WHAT IS EVANGELISM? Evangelism is that conscious effort of carrying the good news (the gospel) to the unbeliever or lost soul, leading him/her to repentance towards God and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is simply to share what Jesus is to you.
To get the true picture of evangelism, let’s consider just three things evangelism is not. There are many more:
Evangelism shouldn’t be that organized evangelism by the church, sharing of flyers e.t.c.. For example, the Family Follow-up Group evangelism is organized quarterly by The Carpenter’s church. If that is the only moment you evangelize, then you would have bye pass so many other souls that God has brought your way. Evangelism should be what you do naturally, it is part of who you are, and what you do naturally as a Christian. We share the love of Christ and what He has done in our lives. Evangelism should not be what we do in isolation, it should be something we do as a lifestyle.

Evangelism is not the time you preach church or criticize other churches or religions, the Pastor and leaders of other churches. It is not a moment to waste sharing who we are, what we do, and what we don’t do. It is the time you share the love of Jesus Christ. You talk about who Jesus is and what He has done for every one of us. There is no need to waste your time talking about your views about other church leaders or religious practice leaders. For example, why do some churches not tie their hair why do some churches wear trousers or why is it that your church allows female preachers?

There was this post I watched on social media, where a preacher or an evangelist went to preach because he had a target to meet, he went to this young man who was also facing the frustration of his life. The preacher shared his gospel as much as he could to convince the young man. The Youngman expressed his predicaments and vented some anger on the preacher. The preacher walked away. Remembering his target, he brought a gun and asked the young man to say the prayers for salvation. That is bully, it’s coercing. Evangelism is not terrorism. You don’t terrorize people you only share the LOVE OF CHRIST.

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